10 Ways to Protect Your Home While on Vacation

Vacation season is here and it’s no coincidence that the number of home burglaries will rise over the next few months. If you and your loved ones are heading out of town, we at Denalect want to ensure your peace of mind. Here are 10 important safety tips straight from our home security experts that can help you protect your home while away.Secure House

  1. Check all the locks and deadbolts on your doors and windows. Replace old deadbolts that might be easy to kick in. For windows, insert dowel rods inside the window frame so they can’t be forced open.
  2. Test your home security and/or smoke alarms. Replace any dead batteries.
  3. Notify your security company that you’ll be away. Give a trusted family member, friend or neighbor your alarm code, the security company’s contact info, your itinerary and your contact numbers in case of emergencies.
  4. Install a motion-sensor on one or more outdoor lights. Inside, set inside lights and/or a stereo to turn off and on randomly.
  5. Hold your mail, newspaper and garbage service. Or better yet, have a neighbor or house sitter collect your deliveries every day and bring in the garbage bins on collection day. Arrange to have the lawn mowed while you’re gone.
  6. Don’t leave a spare key outside — give it to a family member, friend or neighbor.
  7. Secure the garage by unplugging the electric door opener or deadbolt the door so it can’t be opened. If you’re leaving a car at home, park it outside against the garage door to block access. Be sure to remove any garage door remotes from the car.
  8. Leaving any valuables behind? Lock them up in a safe, closet or file cabinet.
  9. Unplug small appliances or electronics, such as the coffeemaker or the TV, or make sure they are plugged into a surge protector. An unexpected power surge can damage them or even cause a fire.
  10. Don’t broadcast you’re out of town on your voice mail, email, Facebook or other social media sites. Wait to post your vacation photos until after you return.

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