Custom Alarm & Security

If you own a business, live in the country, on a ranch, large estate or even in a special subdivision, you may have specific security needs that only a custom system can provide.

Luxury Residences Require Appropriate Security

Luxury Residences Require Appropriate Security

You might you need a custom security system if:

  • You have high value and highly marketable possessions on premise that attract more sophisticated burglars
  • An access gates that slow or block entry of police and fire
  • There have been frequent attempted or successful thefts by employees (or others) who believe that they are entitled to your valuables
  • Cash or easily stolen inventory are on the premises
  • Your property is isolated from neighbors or is located a long distance from police and fire services
  • Have an historical record of slow response time by police and fire

You can also check with your insurance carrier. Certain circumstances that might merit special monitoring include:

  • Industrial processes and production flow of valuable, flammable or dangerous products
  • Risk of pump, generator or storage failure
  • Refrigerated and frozen storage or temperature controlled warehousing

Even if you’ve already enhanced your physical security with solid core doors, deadbolts, hidden storage or safes, or hidden or visible cameras with video recorder with off-site access, you still need a professional to help you by:

  • Consulting with you to identify your vulnerabilities
  • Discussing a range of options to remove opportunities from potential thieves
  • Developing electronic access controls, monitors and gates – with remote Denalect supervision
  • Special design and use of multiple alarm systems (for example, process, temperature, fire and access control) with wireless radio backup that’s functional even after a cut phone line or earthquake and
  • Recording and examination of access logs of  who enters and who turns on and off alarm systems

If you feel like you have a special security situation, you probably do. So get some peace of mind and give us a call. We will arrange for one of our trained, uniformed security professionals to conduct a discreet analysis of your situation.

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