Residential Smoke & Fire Alarms

A leading provider of professional smoke and fire detection equipment in Northern California, Denalect works closely with local fire departments, national fire insurance bodies and, most importantly, you. We will consult with you to understand your needs so that we can provide you with the fastest responding, safest fire alarm system possible.

While a few smoke detectors might be all you need to keep your home safe, a free consultation with Denalect can help you decide what it is your house may really require, what will give you peace of mind and what will save you money.

Denalect Installed Bosch Control Panel

Denalect Installed Alarm Control Panel

Our reliable, professional-grade equipment is monitored 24 hours a day and features:

  • Expertly installed and networked smoke and fire detectors
  • Both sound and light strobe alarms
  • Custom personal training for your home fire alarm system

In the unlikely event that your fire alarm is signaled, we will first call you to verify the situation. Then we will immediately calling the fire department. For more than 40 years, Denalect has maintained close working relationships with, and a direct line to, every major fire department in our coverage area. Fast and reliable. The fire departments know that when we call, there’s a confirmed reason to come — quickly.

If you’d like to learn more about our smoke and fire systems, please contact us for a free consultation at (925) 935-2680 or email us at


Carbon Monoxide Detectors

As a home owner, you should know about California’s new safety laws addressing the dangers of Carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless, invisible poisonous gas that is produced whenever fuels such as gas, oil, kerosene, wood, or charcoal are burned.

With the passage of the Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention Act, CO detectors are now required in most homes. The California Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention Act of 2010 dictates that since July 1, 2011, all residential properties must be equipped with approved Carbon monoxide detector equipment.

This is not ordinary smoke detecting equipment. CO detectors must be approved by the California State Fire Marshal. All new construction or remodeled homes must be hard-wired with battery back-up, interconnecting all detectors so that when one alarm sounds, they all do. Remember, Carbon monoxide alarms are neither intended nor suitable for fire and smoke detection.

If you wish to learn more about protecting your home from CO, click here or give us a call. You can also save money by coordinating your system’s annual inspection with a Carbon monoxide detection assessment.