Basic Security System Components

A good security system is more than the sum of its parts. But have you ever wondered what, exactly, are those parts? Even a rudimentary understanding can help prevent false alarms, increase confidence in your system, and ease communication with security providers. Here’s a breakdown of the four basic components you’ll find in most business or residential security systems.

Bosch 4412 & 6412 Keypad

  • Keypad. The command center of your system, this is where you arm and disarm the system or silence a sounding alarm by typing in your code. Though alarm panels vary by make and model, many offer a bypass button to circumvent specific sensors and/or an emergency or panic button. A home or office can have multiple keypads but only one alarm panel.
  • Alarm or Control Panel. The brains of the operation, the alarm panel’s circuit board or processing unit receives information from the alarm panel and sensors. Depending on the info it receives, the panel will decide whether or not to turn off the alarm, sound the sirens and report to the Central Station. Alarm systems are usually monitored by telephone, internet or cellular.
  • Denalect_0358_Alarm_batteries_remote_410x273pxlsSensors or Detectors. The third component in your system, sensors and detectors tell the alarm panel when someone enters into or is moving around your property. (Such as opening a window or walking upstairs.) The most common sensors are door, window, and motion. More exotic (and expensive) ones include glass break sensors and heat detectors.
  • Sirens or Bells. Mounted either inside or outside your home or facility, your system’s sirens or bells are meant to make noise in order to alert you or an intruder that the alarm has been triggered. If your system is monitored, a silent signal will also be sent to your security provider so they can dispatch a police car to your property.

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