To Turn ON The Alarm

1. Close all doors & windows. Display will Show: SYSTEM READY / ZONES NORMAL
2. Enter your Code and press:
* ARM If everyone is leaving building
* AUX-ARM If anyone is staying in the building
3. The display will show SYSTEM ARMING EXIT NOW

You have 40 seconds to exit via an Entry Exit Door.

Turning OFF The Alarm

If the system is on when you enter, the buzzer in the keypad will sound. You have 40 seconds to enter your code.

1. Enter your Code. Red light will turn green.

Bypassing A Zone

Display will not show SYSTEM READY / ZONES NORMAL.

1. Enter your Code.
2. Press SCAN to see name of zone or zone number.
3. Press BYPASS to bypass that zone or go close it. Repeat SCAN, BYPASS for all open zones.
4. When finished, press CLEAR, then ARM or AUX ARM to start arming the system.

If the BELL is Ringing

1. Enter your Code and press CLEAR.
2. Wait 30 seconds, then call Denalect Alarm at 925-935-2680.

Power Failure – Keypad Keeps Beeping

1. Display will show AC Failure.
2. Enter your Code then press RESET.

Silencing the Fire Alarm

When there is a fire, the bell rings intermittently.

When there is a burglary, the bell rings steadily.

1. Enter in your Code, this will silence the bell.
2. Before resetting the smoke detectors, check each one and note which one(s) has a steady red light on. Our service technician will need this information.

—>Do Not Reset the fire alarm unless you are sure there is no fire.

3. Enter your code then press RESET to reset the smoke detectors.

If there is still smoke, they will not reset. Call Denalect at 935-2680


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