The Do’s and Don’ts of Homeowners Insurance

Here at Denalect, we know that even the most vigilant of homeowners can have their house, condo or apartment broken into. And while chances are slim (only one in 50 homes in the US are burglarized each year) knowing the do’s and don’ts of what your homeowners insurance policy can save you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars.

Make Your Home Look Lived In

  • Most policies do cover the loss of personal property in the case of a burglary. The coverage limit for personal possessions is usually 50-75% of the amount of the coverage purchased for your dwelling.
  • Homeowners and rental insurance policies don’t cover any personal injuries due to any assault during a robbery.
  • Do know if your policy covers market value or replacement value. Your standard policy covers the market value of your property, which is the replacement cost minus depreciation. For an additional charge (usually 10% more) most insurance companies will cover the full replacement value (which is market value minus depreciation) for stolen property.
  • Don’t expect to get full value for jewelry, computers and/or cash with a standard policy. Fortunately, many insurance companies do offer riders that will increase the coverage on these types of items.
  • Do make an inventory list or video of your possessions. (Ideally, each item on your list should include the purchase date, price paid and a short description. If listing everything is far too time consuming, focus on the most expensive items and record the number of small items.)
  • If you own any costly antiques, jewelry and/or paintings that require authentication to establish value, do get written appraisals for each item from an appraiser that’s approved by your insurance company.
  • And, finally, do update your inventory record every year and keep copies in a secure location outside of your home. (Examples include a safety deposit box or a trusted friend’s house.)

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